Every generation must fight the same battles again and again. There’s no final victory and there’s no final defeat.Tony Benn

About Leftr

Leftr is a small project, with a small budget but with a big dream!

Leftr seeks to bring together left wing and socially responsible resources and people together to further our common aims and shared values.

Starting with a web directory to help vistors navigate the web from a left leaning perspective, Leftr hopes to expand its scope over time to provide a range a tools to help the left of the web come together!

Help Leftr

Leftr can only thrive by the good will and participation of our users. Please engage and contribute wherever you can and if you wish to become further involved by helping to edit our content or to help develop Leftr into something great we are keen to encourage you to work with us. Please email us as we will be happy to hear from you.

Our Aims and Values

Leftr seeks to create an on-line resource where those on the left of the political spectrum can learn and collaborate in an environment conducive to individual and collective development.

Leftr does not support a particular political party, promote a particular school of left wing thought, or claim to define ‘the left’, but rather seeks promotes engagement with all ideas which adhere to the widest values of the Left.

Leftr’s long term aim is to create a virtual environment, which encourages people to work together with like minded individuals to pursue change in line with our collective values. We encourage all visitors to be active participants in our on-line community participating in discussions and engaging in projects with others to take our values into the wider world both on-line and off-line!

Leftr seeks to unite the diverse progressive community of the left in the spirit of cooperation to ensure the social left, the political left and the economic left are ready to face the challenge and battles of the future.

It is impossible to provide a detailed breakdown of what constitutes the values of the left, however Leftr holds that basic structure of progressive thought remains true to the stated aims of the enlightenment philosophers of the 18th Century and those aims stated by the French Revolution:


The freedom of the individual to communicate their own opinions and ideas without fear of reprisal.
The freedom of the individual to believe and to practice their beliefs in private or in public.
The right of each individual meaningful self management and to full participation in democratic community governance.


The right of the individual to be granted equal access social and economic opportunities without encountering artificial barriers or prejudices.
The right of individuals to access to all information as necessary without unreasonable hinderence.
The right of all individuals to be subject only to the same unbiased laws as other individuals. The right of the individual to be tried in a fair and open trial and to be subjected to only reasonable punishment.


The responsibility of individuals to assist the advancement of the common good and to work together with others to the same ends.
Every individual has the right and responsibility to obtain useful and meaningful employment and to receive a proportionate rate of remuneration for undertaking such work.
Individual and collective obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. The duty of all to accept responsibility for the social and environmental outcomes of their actions.